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Beyza Çağlar


Swimming champion of Adana. She spent many years specializing in media and corporate communication and matured enough to write its encyclopedia. But unfortunately couldn’t find a time to do it yet! Even though she didn’t publish a book yet she was the founder of the name “Hurriyet IK (Hurriyet HR)”.


She is also known as Mrs. Concrete, also because she is a hard core Capricorn. Despite the concreteness, she still has a soul to say enough with corporate and start break dancing. She has founded prfit with her close friends of 35 years. She is Mrs. Corporate of prfit and everything of her daughter Ofelya.

İpek Keretli


She grew up as a ballerina in Mersin at their gorgeous house in the middle of an orange field. After graduating from Tarsus American High School she gets settled in Istanbul, where she came for her university degree.

She is the entrepreneur soul. After carrying out her own business/brand for 35 years, she establishes prfit with her close friends of 35 years.


She would never put her signature under something she wouldn’t resume. With her discipline and determination, there is nothing she can’t succeed. She is the mother of Selim and the dauntless warrior of prfit.

Balkız İnal Sümerler


Born in Izmir, she’s went on to live in Ankara, Istanbul, Adana, Hannover, Bremen, Boston, New Jersey and Dubai, becoming a bonafide world citizen.


With her life long friends Ipek and Beyza, from her school years at Tarsus American College, they founded prfit together.


Currently living in Amsterdam, she remains a founding member, avid supporter and part of the prfit family. How can she not, with 35 years of bonding!

Şahika Özarslan


Moved to Istanbul to study American Culture and Literature at Istanbul University and immediately threw herself into business life, starting with events, logistics and freelance translation jobs. After working 3 years as the English and Turkish news editor at NTVMSNBC, she moved to the NTV Gece Gunduz Program as the culture and art reporter. During working for the TV, she loved the adrenalin in getting the VNR to live broadcasts and the excitement during interviews. She has a life long passion for learning and her new venture becomes PR sector.  


With her unstoppable energy, inexorable experimental desire, there is not a single presentation or a project without her ideas at prfit. She is the master of challenges and the source of energy at prfit.


Ayşenur Savaş


After graduating Saint Benoit French High School and Bilgi University Television Reporting and Programming, Ayşenur worked in different fields.

She gained so much experience while working in corporate companies and start-ups. 

Now, she is in prfit, responsible for Swissotel, Tazedirekt, Criteo and DCP. She is a communication expert and a writing master. 

She loves writing, creating and flowers!


Ebru Sağlam


She attended Sankt Georg’s Kolleg Austrian High School and graduated from Koç University, Economics. 

After working as a marketing and market research intern for different firms, she decided to enter communications sector. 

She likes discovering new books and creating content for social media.



Özge Özbay

She moved to Istanbul to follow her dreams and graduated from Bilgi University Media and Communication Systems. 

While studying, she worked as a program coordinator at TV Santral. After that, she joined Buse Terim’s team and started working as a social media specialist. 

Now she is responsible for the brands like  Swissotel, Tazedirekt, Criteo and DCP in prfit. She is an organization and communication aficionado and brings cheerfulness to the office!



One summer day in 2011, Hamlet was born in the beautiful neighborhood of Bebek, Istanbul and was named by Ofelya. Even though she is born and raised in Bebek, she has the soul of a “Kasimpasali” (another neighborhood of Istanbul famous with its fighter souls). Despite her argumental soul, it is almost a miracle that she succeeded to stay in PR sector.


Even though she likes the guests of the office, she doesn’t like to be petted by them. She starts her day with tiny bites and ones she eats her breakfast she is off to the streets. She can spend hours by the computer. Infamous with her cool behavior, Hamlet is prfit’s majestic cat.

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